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Apollo: 2023 Is Here

2023 in Review – Here’s What We’ve Achieved with Apollo


Winning bids smartly is something to celebrate – and Apollo has a lot to celebrate.

 In 2022, you initiated B2B sales, prospected better, engaged smarter and closed faster.

 Before  the new year begins, we wanted to take a moment to highlight our featured users and the hardworking Apollo team behind them. There were so many unforgettable moments, but to keep it short and sweet, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 10.

Let’s repeat.

 2022 was the year of email and work domains.

 With the release of Serial Diagnostics, you were able to perform health checks on all  your domains, get custom solutions to solve problems, and use custom tracking domains to avoid spam filters.

 Our data shows that this resulted in 15% less spam being  blocked.

 If you’re someone who sent thousands of emails this year, this enhancement will give you hundreds of new options.

 Apollo users generated quality leads with intent to buy faster than ever before – the industry’s first completely free intent data solution.

 Armed with the latest Apollo data  that tells you exactly what, when and how often your prospects indicated intent to buy, you were able to target the right buyers, engage at the right time and convert with the right message.

Apollo’s purchase intent is the perfect feature for us to identify the right customers who currently need  services like ours. The purchase intent filter was very easy to use and we found that relevant intent topics are important to us. – Alvaro Rosa , Business Development Director, Auxadi

2023… you are hungry for information

 Over 200,000 people have visited our blog for guides and resources, thoughts, product announcements and other information to increase sales 

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