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Best WordPress Hosting Providers

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WordPress Hosting Providers

Is the Managed WordPress Hosting Industry Dying? I mean, is WordPress really simple enough that we no longer need companies to help us set up web servers and then maintain those virtual machines on a daily basis? Learn more about the 10 best managed WordPress hosting providers below.

If you are a developer who works with WordPress on a daily basis, you may want to believe that this is the case. Efficient server setups with individuals are less likely, or DigitalOcean is child’s play for such people. However, as Chris Lema correctly pointed out, WordPress is far from simple, especially for your parents, neighbors, or anyone else who just wants to have a blog without getting their hands dirty.

What Exactly Is Managed WordPress?

Managed WordPress is a hosting plan designed to simplify the creation and management of WordPress websites. The term “managed” for WordPress refers to the web host that handles all server-related responsibilities on your behalf.

This usually includes installing WordPress, managing backups and updates, and testing scalability and reliability.

For end users who may not be familiar with the technical aspects, WordPress is simply a black box to publish their work/posts/articles/products to the web. And it should stay that way.

Managed WordPress hosting companies seem like a good answer to this need. Or do them? In this article, we will find out.

SiteGround offers the most affordable managed WordPress plans that cater to both bloggers and non-technical users, as well as developers who need advanced features like staging areas and Git integration. 

 GrowBig and GoGeek plans are well-managed WordPress hosting options throughout their offering. The former is a cheaper option ($4.99), as the latter is more powerful (fewer accounts on the server) and includes “geeky” features for programmers and businesses (7, 99 dollars).

Overall, the GoGeek plan is a good choice for those who just want to experience the framework for themselves while still getting all the standard hosting features. 10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

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WordPress.Org has officially recommended this plugin. All plans include a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. Integration with Git. PCI compliance is completely free (for e-commerce). staged. SSDs are solid state drives. CDN is included. One account can host multiple websites. Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including by phone. Free backup capabilities. 10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers
Even if the cheapest plan is appealing at $2.99 per month, that plan won’t be the best fit for the majority of high-traffic sites.

Bluehost (Www.Bluehost.Com)

Bluehost charges $19.95, $29.95, and $49.95 per month.
Bluehost offers a variety of hosting plans depending on your needs and/or the type of website you want to launch. Their “WP PRO” level, which is a fully managed setup, is one of the most exciting and powerful.
Not only do you get the traditional Bluehost web host admin panel, but you also get an all-in-one dashboard and marketing center, better SEO features, messaging features, and social media apps. The servers have been optimized for performance. You can launch site listings indefinitely, set up an unlimited number of domains and subdomains, and have no disk space or bandwidth limits on any WordPress Org PRO plan level of your choice. .
Bluehost also offers a one-hour training concierge call. During the call, you will work with a WordPress expert who will help you set up your website with Bluehost. They can also help you choose the right theme and plugin for your site.
Note: If you’re not sure if the WP PRO plan is right for you, consider starting with Bluehost’s basic plan (starting at $2.75 per month). This one also has great integration and offers access to some “managed hosting” features for a fraction of the cost. If needed, you can upgrade to a more expensive plan.

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 Websites, disk space, and bandwidth/traffic are all unlimited. A fully curated experience. Set up the scene. WordPress installs in seconds. Call the boarding guide for an hour. Your website has CDN enabled. Customer service is available 24/7.


Users have mixed feelings about the quality of support.

Choosing a data center location is not easy.

Kinsta 3. (Www.Kinsta.Com)

Price for Kinsta: $29.17, $58.33, $95.83 and up to $1,500 per month

Kinsta is a smaller company compared to the other corporations on this list, but they quickly rose to prominence due to their interest in the quality of the hosting platform there and their full focus on WordPress. Kinsta is a more expensive solution, but what you get for your money is a highly optimized platform that is ready to handle large numbers of visitors, continuously scalable, support integrates SSH, WP-CLI, Git, CDN and provides many other benefits. Additionally, Kinsta has introduced two much more affordable pricing plans for small and medium businesses. 10 Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

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Google Cloud Platform, rather than their Premium tier network, provides the platform. Each site receives 1440 availability checks daily. Each plan includes a free CDN. Scaling is done automatically. Let`s Encrypt, SSH, WP-CPI, Git and other protocols are supported. Website switching and hack fixes are provided for free. Environment for staging and cloning
Automatically parallelize the MySQL database for your WordPress site on a weekly basis. Fast storage SSD hard drive. PHP heals itself.
The most affordable option is $29.17, which is significantly higher than some of the other options on this list. While access to Gcp is inexpensive, the cheapest plans have relatively low maximum monthly visits.

Flywheel (Www.Getflywheel.Com)

Flywheel costs $13.00, $25.00, $96, $242 per month.

Flywheel, despite being a relatively new player in the managed WordPress hosting space, has quickly made a name for itself. They are a great option for non-developers who want to showcase a WordPress site and make sure it runs smoothly.

Designers, business owners, contractors, bloggers and all professionals in general can benefit from it.

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The interface is extremely friendly and simple to use. Data centers around the world ensure smooth system operation no matter where the audience is. Automatic backup and built-in caching
All plans include 24/7 live chat customer support. All plans include a free SSL certificate. Flywheel does not charge overage. Several reasonably priced options for those new to managed hosting.
Server software features can be expensive. For example, if you want SSL, CDN, and multisite capabilities, you’ll need to pay $30 more per month over your current plan. Support service is no longer available.



WordPress Engine (Www.WPEngine.Com)

Prices for WP Engine are $19.00, $37.00, and $72.00 per month, with custom pricing available for larger setups.

WP Engine has been offering managed WordPress hosting since the company was founded and it was the first thing that put them on the map compared to other older companies at the time.

Despite some bumps in the development process (problems with its scaling infrastructure), WP Engine seems to have found its way. WP Engine now offers managed solutions that fall between beginner-friendly and developer-friendly WordPress hosting.

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All plans include a CDN. Great Scalability – Ideal for websites with high traffic growth. The migration is completely free. All plans come with 24/7 chat support. The “Growth” plan includes 24/7 phone support. The Genesis Framework includes over 35 StudioPress website themes that are provided for free. SSL certificate is included.
The average fee can go up to $1 per 1,000 visits. It was revealed that the WP engine heavily modifies the original WordPress code, which makes it difficult to migrate to another host in the future. Add-ons for features like WordPress in the form of breakouts, geo-targeting, and additional sites can be expensive.


Presslabs (Www.Presslabs.Com)

Prices for Presslabs start at $49 per month.
For agencies and publishers with professional web client and homepage networks, Presslabs offers high-performance managed hosting. There is only one premium plan to choose from and you are charged according to the number of site visits thereafter. That being said, you are paying for a fully managed hosting environment that is extremely fast, secure and reliable. Presslabs is designed for publishers or agencies that want to expand quickly. In short, Presslabs customers anticipate a large amount of traffic in the near future and don’t want any hitches. The publisher’s plan, on the other hand, is not suitable for the average business.
On the other hand, the developer package is completely free and provides a great environment for the workflow along with a lot of customization tools. Presslabs seems to make the most sense for rapidly growing programmers and publishers. Overall, we didn’t include the developer plan in this comparison because it doesn’t appear to be a managed WordPress hosting plan.

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Features to manage publishing teams or agencies through collaboration. A Git-based development environment. Email support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. General support is available during normal business hours, but Presslabs also offers emergency email and phone lines. Free SSL certificate. Includes a CDN with HTTP/2 support. Every 15 minutes, an incremental backup is performed. Environment for performance. A beautiful and powerful dashboard built using ReactJS technology. A developer design is provided free of charge. Many companies will not be able to afford it due to the high cost. Even if you pay $599 per month, you still have to pay extra for additional pageviews.

LiquidWeb 7 (Www.LiquidWeb.Com)

Pricing for Liquid Web: $15.83, $39.50, $54.50, $74.50, $149.50, $274.50, $499.50/month

LiquidWeb is designed for web-based agencies and professionals with multiple sites. It offers everything from cloud VPS to solutions, but managed WordPress hosting starts with a plan that allows 10 websites and 50 GB of SSD storage. LiquidWeb should have been considered by large enterprises and those who need quality managed hosting for multiple websites due to its speed, security, and strong customer support.

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Plans can accommodate about 10-50 sites. You can also request a custom price for additional sites. Daily and automatic backup of the website. Check the areas of your site. Free SSL. Git and SSH are two development tools. Customer service is available 24/7 via chat, email and phone. A perfectly reasonable monthly fee for hosting ten websites.
There is no managed WordPress hosting service for small businesses with fewer websites. LiquidWeb has a history of downtime issues.


GoDaddy (Www.GoDaddy.Com)

Pricing at GoDaddy: $24.99, $49.99, $89.99, and $169.99 per month

Every day GoDaddy moves deeper into the WordPress space. At least, that’s how it looks. The company has released a bunch of new For-WordPress products recently and they seem to have a good grasp of what is needed for a more automotive WordPress website. Their managed WordPress hosting plans offer great server performance, as well as cutting-edge technologies, but with extra security features instead.

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If you want to launch five sites, the price is reasonable. All your websites can be staged with just one click. Backups are retained for up to 90 days. Daily malware scans are performed automatically. Pros: Fast SSD storage. Inconveniences:

You should exercise caution when going through their booking/cart process. There are lots of sales going on…for things you may or may not need. Most of these additional offers are enabled by default. According to reports, GoDaddy is not the easiest and fastest host when needed.


Pagely (www.Pagely.com)

Prices are as follows: $199, $299, $499, $999 and $2500 per month.
At the time of writing, Pagely seems to be more of a developer-focused solution than the other companies on this list. It is also the fastest managed WordPress host. First, they now use Amazon’s servers, giving them access to many of Amazon’s advanced features. For example, they let you use SSH, staging, Git integration, WP-CLI, and more. You also have control and privacy of the VPS. However, Pagely is more expensive than most web hosts.

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Real-time malware detection. Advanced developer features. Daily backups are automated. Redundancy is built in.
Great scalability. Almost any plugin or theme can be used. Each plan allows a large number of sites.


Support is only available on a limited number of plans. You think you can call someone for $299 a month.
Total sales are the most expensive on this list, starting at $199 per month.

WPMU DEV Hosting 10 (Premium.Wpmudev.Org)

Pricing for WPmu: $12.00, $30, $60 and $120 per month

You can choose between two pricing models for WPMU DEV hosting depending on your needs. You can buy shares in the entire WPMU DEV platform or just the hosting for $7.50. Prices go up from there, depending on how much server you need.
If you choose their membership-based plan, you’ll get access to a variety of tools and plugins. And, most importantly, you’ll get $10 to $30 credit on some of your hosting plans. For example, your $30 reseller membership credit entitles you to three copper hosting plans or one silver hosting plan with no additional contributions.
WPMU DEV Hosting price packages are as follows:
WPMU DEV is a relatively newcomer to the WordPress hosting market. They offer a variety of premium services, plugins, and themes in a single subscription designed to make it easier to manage and grow someone’s WordPress site.
They offer a fully managed hosting solution that runs on a VPS platform. Each hosting plan includes a virtual machine with hosted server resources (including RAM, SSD storage, VCPU, etc.). Each configuration gives you the option of one of eight data centers around the world, as well as good security features (WPMU DEV’s own protection and automation services), real caching and sites, servers, backups, staging environments, and computers. Controlled movement tool.

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Great security features to keep your website safe. Really beautiful user interface contributes to a great user experience. Backup is supported.
You can choose the virtual machine settings you need. Just migrate. Theatrical environment is included. You get a bunch of extra tools and plugins included. Multiple support options are available, including a rich skill set, member symposiums, 24/7 live chat, and ticketing support.

It Is More Expensive To Begin With Because You Must Purchase A Full Subscription To WPMU DEV And Cannot Simply Purchase Hosting.
Overall, The Pricing Structure Can Be Perplexing.


What Exactly Is WordPress Managed Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting involves the hosting administrator handling basic administrative tasks like WordPress installation, security, speed, site updates, daily backups, site uptime web, etc. storage and scalability.
But wait a minute before you start researching WordPress hosting companies. Now let’s discuss 1/4 Mile Drag Racing.
You can race your stock Honda Civic if you want.
However, if you’ve seen the fast and furious pace, you’d think that to get a really good 1/4 mile from this Civic, you’re going to have to do some specific work.

…there’s a tweaked turbocharger, a tweaked chip, better tires, and a tuned transmission to power the wheels faster (or whatever, I don’t. must be an expert here). So in the end you still have the community, but it’s been tuned to work best in a 1/4 minute race.
WordPress hosting is similar in a few ways.
A web server is a secret web server (no pun intended) and it is usually built with the same components. Each car has a standard engine, wheels and other components. However, the way these parts are put together and their specific type of part makes a difference. It is what distinguishes a vehicle built for one purpose or another.