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 Lingoda – Online Language School

A well-known provider of online lessons in German, Spanish, French, and English, Lingoda provides both group and individualised instruction at reasonable flat fees. The curriculum is well-designed, and the lessons are really useful.

With 20 years of Oxford and Cambridge University research behind it, Lingoda is an accredited online language school that uses the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) to advance pupils from A1 (elementary vocab) to C1 (fluent) competence level.

You’ll receive an official certification after passing each level that you can use to apply for jobs, admission to certain institutions, or even a visa!

Their approach to language learning is quite unconventional for the online language learning community because they have a strong distaste for applications, which, let’s face it, make up half of the market nowadays.

How Lingoda Works ?

To start using the platform, all you’ll need is a laptop and Zoom. You’ll see a placement exam option when you visit Lingoda; take it! This will indicate where you should start in French, German, Spanish, English, or Business English (from A1 to C1). These are the only languages they offer as of this writing.

The next step is to select your plan, which can be either a marathon course or a monthly membership. A specific number of classes are included in the monthly subscription, which is paid for every 30 days. The Marathon programmes cost a single fee for 3, 6, and 12 months.


Anyways, once you’re all signed up you’ll be able to choose if you want private or group classes and can start booking immediately!

The value of Lingoda depends on how many classes you enrol in. One important benefit I discovered was the class flexibility; you may attend lessons at any hour of the day, 24/7.

Yet, it is likely that the true value of this programme won’t be appreciated until there are more lessons offered each month.

For instance, I don’t think you’ll get very far with the lowest tier option, which costs $79 a month for 4 lessons. Nevertheless, you would make far more progress and get greater value for your money if you took 20 lessons ($269 each month, or around $13 a lesson).

I should point out that these are group programmes; the cost for single lessons is much greater (but the good thing about Lingoda is that they ensure equal speaking opportunity in group classes anyway).

Take my advice: Do a Lingoda Language Sprint

Language SprintsTM is a special, limited-time function provided by Lingoda.

Really, if you use Lingoda for anything, I urge you to start here if you can. It’s a wonderful idea that is also really effective (but challenging!).

In essence, a Lingoda Sprint is a two-month “challenge” in which you sign up for rigorous, everyday language instruction.

You actually get a payback if you complete the challenge (attend every lesson f

or the full two months without fail). So, there is a strong financial incentive to enroll in all classes and work hard to learn.

I heartily advise it.

Overall Lingoda’s worth the subscription

Especially if you’re learning German.

It is, in my opinion, the best platform available as a provider of online German classes in general.

By creating an account here, you can really sign up for a 7-day, risk-free trial of Lingoda that includes 3 group lessons or 1 private class (cancel before the week is out and there are no fees).