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Restream Tools and Features: The Complete Guide

Restream makes high demands on marketers, communicators and entertainers. And like the Internet itself, streaming is constantly evolving and demanding more from individual creators and businesses. Today, content alone is not enough to succeed – you need to invest in streaming and analyze performance statistics. Fortunately, there is an incredible tool to accomplish these tasks.

  • Multistream for two streaming services. Choose from over 30 integrations including YouTube, Personal Facebook Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and more.
  • Stream directly from your browser with Restream Studio
  • Invite up to five guests to broadcast without third-party tools
  • No limits during live broadcasts
  • Real-time channel switching (allows you to stop a stream on one platform but continue on another without interruptions or interruption of the quality stream)
  • Same data from Restream analytics
  • Access to re-broadcast chat (a tool that connects your chats across all your streaming platforms)
  • Stream monitoring to detect potential issues and ensure the best viewing experience
  • Copyright-free background music
  • High-resolution audio
  • Screen Share screen titles and comments.

 Restream paid features

With Restream’s paid subscription plans and features, you can reach a wider audience, differentiate yourself from your competition with custom branding, and gain insight into your streaming activity to better understand viewer behavior. Check out our paid features!