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Review of Gorgias: Cost and Plans

An revolutionary helpdesk tool called Gorgias makes it possible for online retailers to provide efficient customer service. The fantastic news is that you can now effortlessly integrate, raising the bar for client service.

But it’s true that customers who shop online don’t anticipate the same levels of service as those who shop in person. Correct; they demand more. We shop online because it’s quick and simple. And throughout our customer journey, we anticipate receiving the same easy-to-understand response to any challenges we may have. Your customer support employees may now quickly handle service issues without ever leaving the Gorgias environment thanks to our most recent integration functionality.

Expedite reviews and question responses
For online shoppers, slow response times are a major source of frustration. They anticipate that if they have a bad experience, their problems will be handled effectively and quickly. If you don’t deliver this calibre of service, your clients might shop around the following time. Also, if you don’t quickly address customer inquiries, you risk losing business to your rivals.

Your customer support workers may respond quickly to client feedback and inquiries thanks to Gorgias integration without ever leaving the helpdesk environment. User-generated content automatically generates tickets, allowing you to follow up immediately from your Gorgias dashboard and removing needless and potentially harmful friction.

Pricing and Plans

Another area where Gorgias stands out is in pricing. A per-agent per month price model is used by the majority of the products we reviewed. Gorgias, on the other hand, bases its price only on the number of tickets you handle each month. A functioning e-commerce store is required to use the system’s free tier, although you can still test it out. It’s always risky to do anything new in a real-world setting, so proceed with care.
Starting with Basic, which costs $50 a month for up to 350 monthly tickets, are the paid tiers. You will be charged $25 for each additional 100 tickets at this level. Unlimited users, Shopify and social media integration, live chat, macros, and more features are included at all Gorgias levels.

Unique Features and a Distinct UI
When we first opened the programme, the first thing that struck us was how much the basic user experience resembled an email client. That stands in stark contrast to other help desks targeted at small businesses, such Freshdesk and Zoho Desk, which are often built around a dashboard for the issue backlog.

But, this design decision was made on purpose because, once you’re at ease, it actually makes sorting through tickets rather simple. Also, it is appealing to the eye due to its color-coded ticket categories and simple order entry process, not simply from a management perspective. Also, it differs in terms of sales. Other help desks typically begin their job after a customer makes a purchase.

Gorgias prioritises customer orders as the main point of engagement, which also works well with the email-like user interface.

The system defines many client contact and information channels using views. Similar to how Google Gmail(Opens in a new window) displays folders and categories, these appear on the left side of the screen. These views allow you to alter what your reps see and even create brand-new views on your own. The information they are providing is filtered data from tickets and tags that users or the system have contributed to those tickets.

Even though Ticket Management Gorgias has a specific purpose, it must nevertheless address some of the same fundamental help desk issues as any other system, and that process begins with ticket management. Tickets can be created and managed in a variety of ways. From the main Tickets panel, where a list of filters based on the current view is also displayed, agents can generate tickets. When you select the Create Ticket button, a form that resembles an email creation page appears. In fact, it does finally send the customer an email containing text that was either manually entered by the agent or automatically generated using a template or macro.

When you click the Search bar, the templates and macros that your reps use the most will be displayed. The associated text from the email’s body appears when you hover over one of them. The required details will be added to your email once you choose the client in the To: field. A macro can also be modified, added, or removed by clicking the gear icon.

Another choice is to access the Manage Macros page, which displays a list of all the macros you have access to and allows you to make the same type of changes from there. You can duplicate an existing macro and then edit it using the duplicate button on this page.

Get a free trial account to test out our services if you’re unfamiliar with them before selecting one of our customizable packages. Of course, if you have any questions, we’re always here to help. To communicate with a member of our team, simply use the live chat tool.