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Webcam Protection: New antivirus feature from Surfshark.

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At Surfshark, we’re always looking for new ideas and approaches to provide you with the best possible overall security, from encrypting your internet traffic to protecting the privacy of your personal information. This time, we concentrated on a fresh cybersecurity risk—the tiny eye that is constantly in your face—the webcam.

Why would you want to protect your webcam?
Considering that your camera might be hacked just like any other software on your device. After they have gained access to your webcam, hackers can observe you around-the-clock and collect some private data.

Camfecting, or webcam hacking, is the practise of remotely accessing your camera’s video while it is infected with malware. Criminals use specialised spyware that enables them to operate your camera without leaving any trace, so even the tiny LED light that normally indicates activity will be off.

The scariest part is that malicious actors accessing cameras is the truth that serves as inspiration for scriptwriters. It seems more like the storyline of a horror movie than reality.

How can someone hijack my webcam?
You are the centre of attention when discussing how a hostile person can access your webcam (we hope not literally).

You can allow access to your device by succumbing to a phishing assault that appears to be legitimate. It works like this: after you click on a dangerous link, harmful software is covertly installed on your computer, and a webcam-affecting virus begins operating without your knowledge.

Installing applications on your device that are malware-filled but appear legitimate might also jeopardise a webcam’s security. In this instance, you unknowingly download a new game that contains harmful malware. It could seem like everything went without a hitch. Nevertheless, if a game is laced with spyware, it can do really intricate things behind your back.

It is difficult to tell which apps are safe to use and which could harm your device with the naked eye. The Surfshark Antivirus programme detects these apps and protects your webcam at this point.

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