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ZoomInfo: Everything You Need To Know.

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How many problems can I do per month?

Organizations have 1000 minutes per user per month

What if I exceed my monthly calling minutes? Will you turn off my phone?
Zoominfo do not turn off your phone If you exceed the monthly
minutes your organization has subscribed to, you will be charged $05 for
minutes. If you find yourself consistently exceeding your monthly allowance (
minutes), please contact your account manager, customer manager or
Engage support team to purchase bulk minutes.

Can I buy  minutes in bulk?
Organizations can add blended clock change minutes for $200 per year
for 1000 additional minutes per month.

What kind of phone can be connected to the watch?

The phone can work with any phone, including VoIP systems, that has its own
phone number that it can call to establish a connection. When you connect to a voter, you can click Engage in the app to call and the caller will make those calls. as long as you stay connected to session.

How many emails can I send per day?
Individual users can send up to 500 emails per day This is set to protect
users from:

  • Being marked as spam
  • Breaking the health of their company domain and being blacklisted by Salesflow 2000 contacts and for emails that exceed 50
  • The email limit will be sent later in a working day. For example, if you add 2000 contacts to Salesflow on Monday and no longer send emails, 500 will be deleted on the first day, 500 on Tuesday, 500 on Wednesday and 500 on Thursday

How can I import contacts Include?
You can import contact information into Engage in four different ways. You can:

  •  Manually enter individual contact information
  •  Send a CSV file.
  • Use the Engage Chrome extension
  • Export contacts with ZoomInfo integration You can also export contacts
    with the ReachOut Chrome extension

How many contacts can I add to Salesflows?
A maximum of 2000 contacts per user per day can be added to the sales flow.

However, each sales flow can have 500 “In Progress” at any one time and the remaining will be added to the waiting room.

If more than 500 contacts are added to a single sales flow over several days, the contacts will overflow. the limit “In progress” Progress”, they will be added to the waiting room.

In the waiting room, each maximum of 1500 contacts during When the quota “In Use” is available, contacts in the waiting room will be added to the first step of Salesflow – first in, first out.

Can I use my ZoomInfo login credentials to log into Engage?
You have separate login credentials for Engage that are different from ZoomInfo.

Does Engage work with the ZoomInfo ReachOut Chrome Extension?
Yes, you can export a contact from ReachOut to Engage Click the Export button in ReachOut and select Engage from the drop-down menu.

Then, you’ll be able to add the contact to one of your Salesflows and schedule it.

Is Engage part of my ZoomInfo subscription?
No, Engage is not a part of your subscription for ZoomInfo You can purchase Engage either on its own or in addition to ZoomInfo.