If you have or have needed legal help for your business, you have probably considered online legal aid services. Getting legal help online is convenient, affordable, and best of all, fast—important when you need an immediate legal response. 

 Incfile is one of the best legal help sites for small businesses. Small business owners can register with Incfile for free (just pay government filing fees), hire an enrolled agent, file business taxes and  more. Explore all of Incfile’s available services, pricing and top picks.

Incfile is an online legal services company that helps small business owners form business entities, file compliance documents and file taxes. The Services are tailored to the state or states in which your business operates. Incfile charges a flat, one-time fee for its services, which means no long-term contracts or retainers.
Incfile is known for its business registration services. Since launching in 200
, Incfile has helped more than 250,000 businesses get off the ground. Incfile staff is familiar with filing requirements in all 50 states and Washington.

Incfile Services
You can get a wide range of legal assistance from Incfile, including:

  • Due Diligence: Before your business can begin operations, you must ensure that your business name is available and that you have all the local information. , state and federal licenses you need. Incfile performs a company availability check and license search.
  • Business Notices: Form an S corporation or C corporation, limited liability company (LLC), or nonprofit corporation. Incfile prepares your filing documents and sends them to the state.
  • Registered Agent: Incfile acts as a registered agent and receives official emails and legal documents on your behalf. The new business documents include one year of free registered agent service.
  • File Your Business Taxes: Incfile connects you with a tax professional to help you file your small business taxes. Self-employed and owners of other transit units can also declare individual tax through Incfile. You can also elect S corporation taxation through Incfile.
  • Compliance Incfile guides your business on compliance matters such as applying for an EIN and submitting an annual report to the business.
  • Company Changes: If your company gets a new registered agent, changes its name or other information, Incfile can help you file the necessary documents.
    Trademark Registration: Although Incfile is not too active in the field of intellectual property, they do offer trademark registration services.
  • Certificate of Good Standing: Sometimes lenders, investors or government agencies will ask your company to show proof of good standing. Incfile can help you get a certificate of good standing from the government.
  • In addition to these services, Incfile also has a lot of useful information for business startups. For example, they publish entity notification status processing times and host a tool to calculate compliance deadlines.

Compared to other online legal services, Incfile offers one of the best values ​​for forming a business entity. Their starting prices start at $0 plus government fees for the entry level silver plan, up to $1
9 plus government fees for the mid-level gold plan, and $299 plus government fees for the top platinum plan. LegalZoom, Incfile’s close competitor, starts business startup packages at $79 plus government fees, making Incfile much more affordable. Learn more about Incfile vs. LegalZoom to decide which is right for you.
Remember that the exact amount charged for various services depends on the state or states in which you do business. For example, California has a habit of charging high state fees so that you pay more for certain legal services. business in California.
No matter where your business is located, Incfile pays a fraction of the cost of an in-house attorney. For example, creating a California LLC in Incfile would only cost $75 and an Incfile fee of $0, and a California filing fee of $75 and $
1. when you select their silver package at checkout. In contrast, a startup attorney charges $500 to $1,000 to set up an LLC.
Using an online legal aid site instead of a lawyer also opens up more risks for you. If you have a complicated legal situation, only a qualified lawyer can give you legal advice. Legal services such as Incfile expressly state that they are not lawyers or law firms. A lawyer’s experience with local, state and federal laws can be critical in certain situations.